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Internet of Things

Drone Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Over the past 3 decades, technology has been the great divider, destroyer, designer and developer in social and economic change. Mankind has become submissive to the ever-changing techno-space.

From the typewriter to predictive text; from rotary line-based phones to cloud-based smartphones; from encyclopedia to the World Wide Web; and finally from loyal human workforces to automated artificial intelligence. These revolutionary technological changes have shaped the behaviour, perception and interaction of society the world over. This has led to a dynamic competition for who has the best and most advanced technology.

Industries, economies, governments, and urban populations all demand their share of technological advancement, some being cognisant of the cost and others sparing no cost in achieving the plateau of “tech-savviness”.

The most interesting part of this phenomenal growth in technology concepts is that we are only at the beginning of the revolution. What’s to come for this space spells far more uncertainty, but herein lies immense opportunity.

Energim Resources was founded to support the ongoing technology revolution by providing solutions in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Drone Technology, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).


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