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AI – Artificial Intelligence

The era of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is upon us and we at Energim believe the future of society is being molded by chants for defined autonomy. Our current focus to achieve this plateau of futuristic play involves engagements with several technology houses that are at advanced stages in the development of certain A.I. solutions.

The advent of autonomous machinery, self-driving vehicles, and online assistants (e.g. Siri), has resulted in a wave of initiatives aimed at revolutionizing intellectual-based tasks and creating either complete automation or a limited amount of involvement by the human factor. Our focus lies more in establishing ways in which A.I. and humans can co-exist, collaborate and collectively benefit.

The ability of an object, comprising circuit-boards, chips, and moving parts, to learn the theory and the behaviour of a similar object controlled by an actual human being and then replicate such behaviour is a phenomenon in itself, but what if that machine learning level of intelligence was used to enhance, rather than replace, the result of a task that has inherent elements of risk which only the human factor can mitigate, e.g. the ability of a doctor to accurately diagnose a medical condition by collaborating with A.I. and gaining a technology-based intellectual perspective, but being able to make a conscious decision on the appropriate treatment based on actual experience of human-based risks, would revolutionise the medical profession and create a greater deal of confidence from patients and fellow doctors alike.

Automotive and Logistics

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