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Structural Assessments

Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as remotely-piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), have become the go-to technology for advanced aerial cinematography; geographical mapping; security surveillance; and structural analysis. After many months of intense collaboration with drone manufacturers, UAV pilots, and relevant legislative bodies we have engineered several core solutions that employ UAV technology to collect and transform valuable data into meaningful information which can then be used to plan better, make concise decisions and determine cost-effective and efficient measures for improvement.

The regulations governing RPAS operations are set down by the South African Civil Aviation Authority, (SACAA) more specifically Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011. This framework stipulates the provisions applicable to owning, operating and maintaining a remotely-piloted aircraft (RPA) or drone mechanism and introduces the regulations with the following foundational requirements:
(a) the RPA must first be approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority for use by way of an RPA Letter of Authority (RLA);

(b) all RPAs must be registered by the South African Civil Aviation Authority prior to use;

(c) an RPA may only be operated in terms of Part 101 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations which includes specific requirements that the operator shall hold an RPA Pilot License.

We have secured a partnership with Visual Air Productions, who have been one of the pioneering companies for drone technology in South Africa over the past decade. Visual Air are listed as a licenced RPAS operator with the SACAA and have multiple operation capabilities, all of which, can be applied across the various verticals that this industry appeals to.

The equipment available for use in application is of the highest operating standard and certified accordingly by SACAA. We are directly linked to several international suppliers which aids in ensuring maximum support with maintenance of the equipment as well as exclusivity over new models entering the market with upgraded features and capabilities. Our current arsenal includes the DJI Phantom; the DJI Inspire; the DJI Matrice 600; the XactSense Titan HDL32E; and the Aerigon MK II. Each of these units are capable of multiple payload applications and have extensive range competence with further enhanced potential to plot pre-determined flight paths and allow for automated operation and data collection.

RPAS Verticals


Perimeter surveillance
Reaction deployment
Geo-fence monitoring

Asset Management

Equipment inspections
Inventory Counts
Performance Monitoring


Site mapping & management
Structural inspection & analysis
Project progress timelines
Materials monitoring


Soil & Field Analysis
Seed Planting
Crop Spraying
Crop Monitoring



Blast monitoring
Riot monitoring
Traffic surveillance