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Data Collection and Management

Reporting Platforms

IoT – Internet of Things

Through our partnership with Sigfox/Sqwidnet, we focus on bringing life to fundamental objects in various industries by designing, developing and implementing real world solutions to information access needs; data transfer efficiencies; and cost-effective sharing of decision-critical statistics. The use of sensors; smart meters; chip-sets; and related software platforms enables the efficient creation of tailored solutions to meet the most stringent of demands.

The devices used vary in size, shape, functionality, battery power and supporting platform, however each device can be designed in a specific form if the customer requests this in order to meet specific solutions within an organization. Coverage on the Sigfox network is fast becoming globally representative with over 60 territories already being lit up to provide uninterrupted, low latency bandwidth allowing for instant message-based information to travel via the digital highway. This gives consumers peace of mind that the information generated by the IoT device is relevant, reliable and secure..

Autonomy and affordability are key drivers in ensuring that IoT achieves the reality of inanimate objects being able to communicate. With this in mind, Energim develops IoT solutions to real-world, everyday problems whilst maintaining self-sufficiency of the devices, network and reporting platform but without jeopardizing the ability of consumers to enjoy these technological advancements based on cost.

Target Verticals

The industries in which we can devise and support IoT solutions include, Utilities management; Automotive and fleet; Agriculture and environmental; Engineering and construction; Healthcare; and Supply Chain.

Automotive and Logistics

∞Asset tracking and recovery

∞Vehicle performance metrics

∞Driver behavior

∞Cargo tracking

∞Cold chain monitoring

Home and Utilities

∞Smart water metering

∞Electricity consumption metering

∞HVAC monitoring

∞Intrusion detection

∞Smart building

Health, Safety and Environment

∞Air Quality monitoring

∞Asset tracking

∞Panic button assist

∞Water quality monitoring

∞Security presence tracking

Production and Manufacturing

∞Attendance monitoring

∞Asset tracking

∞Customer satisfaction monitoring

∞Stock monitoring

IoT Use Cases

Automotive Awareness

Energy efficient, OBD2 compliant transceiver (ISO 15765-4)

Vehicle ECU and tracking data via Sigfox network.

GPS tracking; Geolocation; and engine data securely transmitted via cloud infrastructure to a back-end server platform for processing and reporting.

Long-range connectivity with low power design.

Network service is ultra-narrow band allowing for fast, low cost data transmission.

Battery life of device ranges between 5 to 8 years depending on communication quota selected.

Smart Metering

Effective monitoring of water flow through the current water supply system;

Enabling alert-based water consumption management;

Providing leak detection and burst pipe notifications

Generating accurate and timeous meter readings for enhanced billing cycles

Contributing to the reduction of time-consuming data collation processes

Control over daily/weekly/monthly consumption limits

Meter tampering/bypass detection

Extensive data collection to facilitate statistical analysis of consumption trends

Sensor Data

A sensor device provides status information of objects and movement alerts as well as environmental changes, directly to the cloud.

Monitor flow of people for space optimization.

Secure or monitor some closed areas.

Temperature and Humidity monitoring where the device periodically sends both ambient temperature and humidity.

Door opening detection when the device is affixed to a door – or drawer – it sends data every time the door is opened or closed.

Vibration detection – the device sends data every time the accelerometer detects a motion.